Oil Stain Removal & Hot Water Steam Cleaning

It’s a known fact that cleaning with hot water cleans better than cold water. All of our units are capable of producing water temperatures up to 250 degrees. This is a big advantage for cleaning that contains any type of grease, grime or oil. For our residential customers, it is a great advantage and for our commercial customers it’s a must!

Our steam Hrydro Cleaning Systems should be made a regularly scheduled Maintenance task as it provides Owners with innumerable advantages. Our steam cleaning procedures also gives us the upper hand in removing chewing gum.

Most consumers and students dispose of their chewing gum responsibly. However, where chewing gum is dropped onto pavements it sticks firmly to the surface as it dries. Chewing gum does not break down over time and so the deposits gradually accumulate. We believe that these chewing gum deposits compromise the quality of public spaces in the same way as other litter.

Factors we considered in choosing an appropriate method include:

  • Water or steam used under high pressure can damage grouting between paving stones.
  • Cleaning may damage the surface material. For example, tarmac melts at high temperatures.
  • Spot cleaning of individual pieces of chewing gum causes less damage but is more time consuming than methods that clean whole paving slabs in one go.
  • Approaches that use large quantities of water or bulky equipment will be disruptive to pedestrians. Work is therefore often carried out at night, which means that the noise level needs to be considered.