Mold Remediation

Mold infestation problems that include toxic molds have been on the rise due to ageing homes and buildings here in Trinidad and Tobago. Medical evidence has proven that molds can enter the blood stream through your lungs to cause any different kinds of immune dysfunctions. Mold remediation must be done FAST to stop the mold from spreading in order to avoid a much bigger problem!

In ideal conditions here in Trinidad and Tobago mold can complete its growth process in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Mold develops from microscopic seed-like structures called spores that cannot be see with the naked eye. Once spores have developed, mold can enter a dormant stage and stay that way for a very long time. When spores settle on a surface that has a food source, enough moisture and the right temperature, they absorb the moisture and enter into the second stage. This is where you problem really begins.

Our 8 Step Mold Removal & Remediation Process:

Below is the process we follow when our mold inspection has determined that there is a source of mold that needs to be removed.
  1. Assess the Origin of Contamination and determine the extent of the damage
  2. Determine the Source of the problem and remedy it the source
  3. Remediation Plan (If the building was built prior to 1990 building materials that will be disrupted must be tested for asbestos, lead paint etc)
  4. Containment, Decontamination Chambers & Negative Air (For High risk Area)
  5. Removal of the Mold
  6. Odor Removal and Air Washing
  7. Cleaning, HEPA Vacuuming & Air Scrubbing
  8. Post Remediation Verification

Conditions of Mold

The 3 conditions of mold as as follows:
  1. It is considered natural for an indoor environment to have settled spores, fungal fragments or traces of actual growth. Condition 1 is consistant with normal fungal ecology for similar indoor environments.
  2. When water damage occurs through intrusion, humidity, accumulation or other moisture source, it is essential that climate control, cleaning and maintenance begin immediately. If proper steps are not initiated, the ensuing accumulation of settled spores will result in condition 2.
  3. This is an indoor environment that’s contaminated with actual mold growth and associated spores. That growth can be active or dormant, visible or hidden. With a condition 3, contamination on surfaces MUST be physically removed in order to return the environment to condition 1. Attempts to kill or otherwise control mold are not adequate to solve the problem.

It is your duty to protect occupants’ health. We guarantee that Remediation is a lot less costly than Litigation.

All our operations follow strict laws according to the EPA and MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Org.).

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